Ginny Gregory


I had a client who was renting a house with a 1000 sq. foot basement. The owner had left huge parts of her life possessions off to one side of the space; her grown children had left mountains of furniture, books, and musical instruments in other corners. Her new husband was forced to join in with the grown kids and put most of his possessions down stairs because of the chaos in all of the upstairs rooms. Whew! Well, we just started. We started in her bedroom and worked our way around the rest of the upstairs. We then tackled the basement. There were literally mountains of laundry to be done, but little by little we chipped away at it. It took 4 days upstairs and 5 days down stairs, but there was this wonderful transformation that started to happen for my client and her husband as well as for anyone who came over to visit. There was a lightness in the air. They hired cleaners to clean the house and windows. The rooms got painted and a new life was emerging.